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Sweet and Simple Ceremonies
that are
Personal, Entertaining, and Guest-Inclusive
Tailored to your style

 conducted by an experienced, award-winning celebrant who is friendly, progressive (no gendered old-fashioned stereotypes), and culturally versatile
More personal and better value for money with fewer limitations and restrictions than either a Registry Office or a Pop-up wedding (where your choice of place and style is limited and someone else decides the look and feel of your wedding)

  1. You have to give Notice of your intention to marry to your celebrant at least a full calendar month before the big day using the official Notice of Intended Marriage
  2. You have show your celebrant proof of your date and place of birth (birth certificate or passport), together with photo ID.
  3. If either of you has been married before you have to show proof of how that marriage ended (divorce or death certificate)
  4. You have to sign a Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage quite close to the big day
  5. On the day you have to have two adult witnesses present. They do not have to be Australian citizens or residents.
  6. Your celebrant still has to recite a passage from the Marriage Act which includes the legal definition of marriage, which now reads "the union of two people"
  7. You have to say certain words to create the marriage between you
  8. You, your witnesses and the celebrant have to sign the Register and the certificates
And then, you get to live happily ever after as Mr&Mrs, Mrs&Mrs, or Mr&Mr,  as the case may be.

Weekday $425 (Monday to Thursday)
  Weekend $475 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

The perfect choice for couples who want a ceremony that everyone present enjoys, a ceremony that speaks to who they are, a ceremony that is not all about the celebrant, but who do not want to spend lots of time in meetings and making dozens of nitty-gritty decisions about the ceremony content.

[Want the barest minimum? Ask about the Married in a Minute option, legals only]

ABIA Queensland Awards

ABIA Designer of Dreams
                                        Awards 2018

Conducted at the location of your choice

in Brisbane, Ipswich, Redcliffe, Redlands, Logan and Pine Rivers
by an award-winning celebrant **

** Queensland Winner 2013 ABIA Awards
Finalist ABIA Awards every year since 2009
Finalist ABIA Designer of Dreams Awards (Australia Wide) every year since 2011,

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Do you want to choose both when and where you marry?
Would you like a wedding ceremony that is light-hearted, laid back, and legal?
That embodies warmth, equality, and is inclusive of everybody present?
Would you like to be able to have a short (ish), simple wedding ceremony that doesn't demand a great deal of you, preparation wise, but nonetheless delivers the ceremony atmosphere of your choice whether that be traditional, romantic, modern, fun, or all of the above?

Or would you prefer quick and legal, quick and quirky, or just quirky?
A ceremony that, whichever option you choose, is not just going to be talking heads?

(Most wedding ceremonies are 98% celebrant, 2% you. I aim for 50/50)

Do you want to escape the pressure of being on a conveyor belt - with couples lining up behind you for their ceremony and the possibility of missing your own wedding completely if you are held up in traffic for even a short time?
Do you want to pay a fair but still modest fee for the legal service, wedding celebrant's knowledge and skills in relation to the legal aspects of your marriage, the celebrant's performance skills, and a much more personal wedding ceremony than that provided at the registry office?
Do you want the focus to be on you and not on your celebrant?
Do you want an experienced, relaxed, friendly, empathetic, and progressive celebrant with a dry but gentle sense of humor who will make this happen with the least fuss and effort?

Whichever Warm and Wonderful Weekday Wedding package you choose, I will deliver
  • meaningful simplicity
  • freedom to express your personal commitment in your vows
  • a ceremony that reflects the package option you choose - a no-fuss but creative and imaginative marriage ceremony, intimate wedding, private elopement, secret ceremony, a fairly basic ceremony that largely focuses on the legals with a personal touch, or the barest minimum that literally takes one minute. Yes 60 seconds!
  • the opportunity to have fun during the ceremony
  • a bloke-friendly atmosphere free of gender stereotypes and outdated customs
  • a process that treats you as individuals
  • a personable, relaxed, and experienced celebrant who has no wish (or need) to be the centre of attention
  • a celebrant who really understands the legal side of marriage so you can be confident that your marriage will be legal!

Your package includes.

  • all legal paperwork, including accepting the Notice of Intended Marriage, and registering your marriage
  • professional laser-printed certificates using an elegant font
  • creation and performance of a ceremony that, however short, feels very personal, fresh and different, without being weird or being all about the celebrant
  • information booklets to help you to understand your rights and your legal obligations and have a stress-free wedding
  • assistance to ensure your vows are exactly what you want
  • up to 100 km return travel to your venue
  • responding to your emails and phone calls (unlimited) from your first inquiry to after the ceremony
  • one meeting to complete the Notice and sight your documents (optional - it can all be accomplished via email and snail mail, with a few minutes on the day to sight your original documents when we are completing the pre-ceremony legal declarations)
  • advice about how to deal with unusual situations regarding legal documentation
  • A keepsake

Warm and Wonderful Weekday Weddings* / Warm and Wonderful Weekend Weddings** are perfect for
  • elopements (just the two of you plus two witnesses)
  • for couples eloping with a few friends (an extended elopement)
  • for small destination weddings for couples coming from overseas
  • for small destination weddings for couples coming from interstate
  • for visa weddings.where English is a second language for one or both parties
PLEASE NOTE: Warm and Wonderful Weekday/Weekend Weddings are not suitable for
  • large weddings
  • weddings with a large bridal party
  • surprise weddings, or
  • where you would like fully custom-created ceremony
All payment options available, including credit and debit cards
(Mastercard, Visa, American Express)

NB. if you have a larger guest list, larger bridal party, or would prefer a fully custom-created ceremony,
please read the summary of my
wedding ceremony packages  and/or go to
for further information.

We thoroughly enjoyed the personal touches associated to the ceremony. We, as bride and groom, were surprised at times throughout, which was a very nice feeling. You drew upon analogies and symbolisms that show a deep understanding of  what you were conveying. We were both really happy with it all! - Anna and Sam who married in the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens.

Thank you Jen for giving us the wedding that we wanted. Light, Easy and no Fuss. And I do appreciate you bringing up my Filipino tradition on our wedding. My parents were happy when I told them what you did. - Chery Mae who married Nathan at the Kholo Chapel.

Jennifer was such a blessing! Organized us in the most professional way and was such a pleasure to have at our elopement ceremony. She really got to know us and went above and beyond. Jennifer included our kids in the most special way. We are forever grateful for a perfect wedding. Highly recommend! - Erin and Patrick who married at Newstead Park on New Year's Eve

In all honesty we were merely looking for a registry marriage alternative when we were searching for a celebrant but boy were we in for a treat when we found Jenny Cram. The idea of getting married in a registry office seemed cold, robotic, and just downright uncomfortable so we opted to find a celebrant to marry us in a more relaxed atmosphere. Having never searched for a celebrant before we found that most treated the matter pretty much the same as the registry office would, the only difference being the backdrop, so we were very excited to find a celebrant who took to treating our prospective marriage with the same level of courtesy, consideration, and compa
Clint and
                                                    Hyejin who married
                                                    at the Mt Coot-tha
                                                    Lookoutssion as if we were a wealthy couple seeking the best kind of marriage money could buy. We were expecting a quick and regimented procedure but Jenny was very patient and thorough with us making sure we were clear and understanding of every detail and nuance of the process in the most painless and pleasurable manner we could have hoped for. What seemed like a confusing kaleidoscope of legal requirements was a smooth and easy experience under Jenny’s comfortable guidance. The day of our wedding was pure magic and on that day it became clear that Jenny was a passionate and seasoned professional dedicated to serving our marriage with the warmest reverence. We never imagined a minimalist wedding could be so special. We are forever grateful to Jenny for effortlessly transforming our marriage from what could have been an economy class experience into an unforgettable day of enchantment.
- Clint & Hyejin who married in a Warm and Wonderful Weekday Wedding at the Mt Coot-tha Lookout.

Despite the simple and low key ceremony request from our side you managed to make it a very special and warm and unforgettable experience. - Jana and Francois.

Jenny's ceremony was perfect in every way. Ivanna and I are from very different cultures and Jenny's ceremony was truly reflective of that and it had a real international feel to it. The small personal touches made the ceremony so much more than a simple elopement. It was a beautiful ceremony which made for an unforgettable day. We gave Jenny very little input and from that she created a beautiful ceremony. It truly was more perfect than we could ever have hoped for. We will always remember our day with happiness and Jenny was a huge part in us achieving it.  - Ivanna and Tom who married in a Warm and Wonderful Weekday Wedding in a private home.Jane & Euan
                                                    married at Roma
                                                    Street Parkland

Our Warm and Wonderful Weekday Wedding with Jenny far surpassed what we were expecting. When we decided to “elope”
whilst on holiday in Australia, we had thought we would be having a fairly dry ceremony in a registry office but Jenny’s service meant that what we had was very much different from those expectations. As we were organising our wedding from overseas, Jenny’s professionalism and attention to detail was key.
Jenny helped us choose our venue and provided us with internet links and photos of some of the places available. She gave us step by step guidance regarding all the Australian legal requirements and her prompt and complete communication was excellent, removing any worry at our end.  She anticipated our questions making the process as easy as if we were in Brisbane!  As we were unfamiliar with Brisbane, we particularly appreciated her thoughtfulness and “thinking for us” by leading us through the process to enable us to collect our official certificate from the Registry Office in Brisbane, rather than us having to wait for it to be posted out.  We were both very moved by the ceremony itself and it was Jenny’s small, personalised touches that really made it so special for us. We would very strongly recommend Jenny to anyone looking for a celebrant!- Jane and Euan married at Roma Street Parkland the day after they arrived in Australia.

Warm and Wonderful Weekday Weddings is a registered trading name BN 21657543 denoting a specific service type provided by Jennifer Cram, Brisbane Marriage Celebrant. Ceremonies also conducted evenings and weekends.

Available only in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Redlands, Redcliffe and Pine Rivers.
Terms and conditions apply.
Phone: 07 3378 3005
Email:  celebrant { at }

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