Child inclusive weddings

Whether they are his, hers or yours your children are an important part of your relationship and therefore your children automatically become involved in your wedding ceremony whether they actively participate in the ceremony or are just acknowledged in some way. There is a role for children of all ages in ceremonies.

Warm and Wonderful Weekday Weddings provide you with the opportunity to include your children in your ceremony either formally or informally but always in loving and age-appropriate ways. Even if you are eloping with just two adult witnesses your ceremony can be a child-friendly experience your children will remember for the rest of their lives because we can integrate them into the ceremony as active participants, not just spectators.

High spirits, running around, or generally behaving as children do is never a problem for me, so you can be relaxed about their presence.


Travis and

Thank you! You made us feel very special.
- Travis and Suteera who included their friends' children in their Warm and Wonderful Weekday Wedding held on their balcony.
Travis and Suteera
                                                included their friends'
                                                children in their
                                                wedding ceremony
You communicated very well with us and went out of your way to ensure the ceremony and marriage went ahead despite flooding in Brisbane. It made us feel important and special. The vows you wrote for us were lovely, including our special son, Osian. Thank you - Sarah and David, who married on the day the Brisbane River reached its highest peak in the recent floods.

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