Happily Ever Before ... and After

All celebrants are required to give you this government pamphlet that explains what marriage is.

Notice of Intended Marriage

To be married in Australia you must give a minimum of one month's notice on this form. You must sign it in the presence of your Celebrant or another authorised person. In Australia this includes: a Commissioner for Declarations under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959; a Justice of the Peace; a Lawyer (Barrister or Solicitor); a legally qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor, but not a Dentist or Pharmacist); or a Police Officer (either State or Federal). If you are lodging your Notice from overseas, you will need to attend the Australian Embassy or Consulate in your country or have a Notary Public witness your signatures. The month's notice only starts from the day your celebrant receives the Notice, but it can, initially , be lodged by email.
Please note that a Notice cannot be backdated
as to do so a serious criminal offence that attracts a hefty fine and/or a prison sentence.
Where you have a genuine reason for needing to marry in less than a month, for example, one of you or a close family member is terminally ill, please contact me for advice about how to seek permission from a prescribed authority.

Marriage Celebrants' Code of Practice