A Personal Alternative to a Registry Office Ceremony
  • guaranteed to be simple, easy, but gives you the freedom to express your personal commitment in your vows
  • you can hold the ceremony where you wish, and at the time you wish, including evenings, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays
  • gives you the choice of how you would like your ceremony to feel - whether that is traditional, romantic, modern, or just plain fun
  • lets you escape the pressure of being on a conveyor belt - with couples lining up behind you for their ceremony
  • you not only get an experienced, relaxed, friendly, empathetic celebrant with a dry but gentle sense of humour who will make this happen with the least fuss and effort - you get a friend, someone who will take the time and trouble to get to know you, to communicate with you throughout the process, and who won't be a stranger on the day.
  1. You have to give Notice of your intention to marry to your celebrant at least a full calendar month before the big day using the official Notice of Intended Marriage
  2. You have show your celebrant proof of your date and place of birth (birth certificate or passport), together with photo ID.
  3. If either of you has been married before you have to show proof of how that marriage ended (divorce or death certificate)
  4. You have to sign a Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage quite close to the big day
  5. On the day you have to have two adult witnesses present. They do not have to be Australian citizens or residents.
  6. Your celebrant still has to recite a passage from the Marriage Act which includes the legal definition of marriage, which now reads "the union of two people"
  7. You have to say certain words to create the marriage between you
  8. You, your witnesses and the celebrant have to sign the Register and the certificates
And then, you get to live happily ever after as Mrs&Mrs, Mr&Mr, or Mr&Mrs, as the case may be.
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