Why Choose Jennifer Cram as Your Celebrant
On your marriage certificate and other legal papers I need to use my formal name, but feel free to call me Jenny.

With so many celebrants available it is tempting to just shop on price, or take the first available celebrant. But celebrants are not mix-and-match. And what I offer is pretty-well unique.

I'm sure you don't want to read a long and boring  "look at me", so here are the basic facts:
  • Female
  • Definitely not stuffy or pompous. Getting married / making your commitment to to one another / naming your child/ renewing your vows are all significant occasions so there will be moments of solemnity in your ceremony but you and your witnesses and guests will also enjoy the experience.
  • Mature (which means that I have lots of life experience in addition to a great deal of experience in creating and leading ceremonies so can you can rely on me to diplomatically and sensitively handle any situation that arises)
  • Knowledgeable about the Marriage Act and other relevant legislation (which means that I know what must be done, why it must be done, and how it must be done, and I understand and care about what the consequences for you will be of not doing it). As a result I will never give you advice that causes you to go to unnecessary trouble or expense. Where your circumstances are not straightforward I can provide you with advice and a way forward to ensure that your marriage is legal .
  • Creative problem solver. Not that your ceremony is a problem, but if we address any need or idea as a "problem to be solved" then there's no risk of dismissing it as too hard, too way out, or too much trouble.
  • Culturally versatile. I've lived in a number of countries, including developing countries, and have performed weddings honouring and including a wide range of cultures.
  • Experienced in working with interpreters
  • Efficient (which allows me to be respectful of your time, too)
  • Qualified Since 2004. All Civil Marriage Celebrants appointed in Australia have to undergo training before appointment and regularly thereafter.  In addition to the minimum requirement I hold:
    • Advanced Diploma in Marriage Celebrancy (with High Distinction)
    • Advanced Diploma in General Celebrancy (with High Distinction)
    • Advanced Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy (with High Distinction)
    • Certificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy
  • Accredited by the Australian Bridal Industry Academy
  • A solid track record, but don't just take my word for it. In 2013 I was voted Queensland's top Marriage Celebrant and been a finalist every year since 2009 prior.

What My Clients Love About My Services
I love it when guests and parents at ceremonies seek me out afterwards to tell me that they loved the ceremony, that it was entertaining, and that it was personal. And I love it when clients return my feedback form with detailed comments after the ceremony about why they chose me, what they loved about my services, and how the process and the ceremony made them feel.  I especially love it when they write a testimonial or send me a lovely hand-written thank you note. In fact, I love it so much that I've gathered the most frequent comments from clients together and turned them into my service guarantee, because I know these are the things that people value.
  • A fee structure that is simple and transparent
    I openly advertise my fees and what these fees cover. I do not  advertise a low price and then, once you are committed, add unforeseen extra charges for things that should really be part of the basic package.

  • A choice of ceremony styles
    I understand that different people have different needs and therefore offer a range of services reflecting broad categories of need, priced accordingly. So if you are genuinely watching the budget, and your requirements are simple, you may choose a service level that fits that. My fees are more than reasonable for the number of hours I dedicate to your ceremony, so please don't ask for a discount because you'd rather spend your money on some other aspect of your wedding.

  • Service quality that will surpass your expectations
    Most celebrants expect you to choose your ceremony. That means that  they will offer you a choice of pre-written ceremonies, with the capacity to mix and match parts from different pre-written ceremonies, or expect you to choose each part of the ceremony from pre-written selections for each section of the ceremony, and the ceremony will follow a set template. I do neither. Because I am totally committed to your ceremony being a unique reflection of your needs, wishes, vision and values I gather information from you and then create a purpose-written ceremony for you. Yet my fees are in the same ball-park as most other celebrants. Some even charge considerably more for doing far less work themselves while expecting you to do much much more work (including reading through dozens of pre-written alternatives for every part of the ceremony

  • I communicate
    I'm only a phone call or email away, and I respond promptly

  • Have a problem? I will solve it creatively
    This is your ceremony, not mine, so whatever it is you want in the ceremony I will look at HOW we can achieve it, not reasons why you should not even try. This is where my very large celebrancy-related library and extensive knowledge and experience is an asset

  • I pay attention to more than just the words
    As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so from the outset I have a double focus.  In addition to ensuring that the words are beautiful and meaningful I pay attention to how the ceremony will look and photograph.

  • You are an essential part of the process

  • I perform your ceremony with warm professionalism, a light-hearted touch and in accordance with all legal requirements

What You Can Expect from Me
  • All the benefits that come with having a celebrant whose only job is being a celebrant - no competing demands from an employer, no competing commitments to other organisations
  • All legal paperwork, including accepting the Notice of Intended Marriage, and registering your marriage (for weddings)
  • Accurate advice about how to deal with unusual situations
  • A creative and imaginative ceremony with a personal touch
  • Up to 100 km return travel to your venue from my Kenmore office
  • A process that treats you as individuals, not just the next client on the conveyor belt
  • Prompt response to your emails and phone calls (unlimited) from your first enquiry to after the ceremony
  • A modern approach
  • Helpful printed booklets I've written to assist you with having the ceremony of your dreams
  • Professional laser-printed certificates using an elegant font
  • A bound keepsake

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