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Fiance Visa (Prospective Marriage Visa) Weddings
If you are marrying someone from overseas and applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa, I can help by providing you with the required Evidence of Notice Letter. I have assisted many, many couples from every continent except Antarctica.

What You Need to Do
To meet the Department of Immigration requirements you will need to
  • Make an appointment to meet with me (or if that is difficult we can do this by mail, phone, and email.
  • Complete a Notice of Intended Marriage (NB it is all right for either the Bride or the Groom to sign it in order to lodge it with me. The other party will sign it after he/she arrives in Australia)
  • Pay me a non-refundable fee
  • Show me your identity documents (with official English translations if necessary)
  • Show me proof that you are free to marry if you have been married before
  • Choose a date for the wedding (it can be changed after the visa has been granted). 

What I Do For You
  • I make the process easy and simple for you, even if you have complicated issues with identity documents.
  • I will explain in detail the requirements for Marriage in Australia
  • I will witness your signature on the  Notice of Intended Marriage
  • I will write the Evidence of Notice letter and attach a copy of the Notice of Intended Marriage to it and give it to you so that it can be attached to your fiance's application
  • I will give you a receipt.
  • I will give you information on what you need to do when the visa is granted.
Please contact me to make an appointment

Official Immigration Department  information about the
Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300)