DIY Personal Pop Up Weddings

Pop-up wedding chapels have been around for decades in the US. An innovation by newly built Las Vegas Hotel that, rather than provide a dedicated space for a wedding chapel, opted to create a street level wedding-related retail space and have a 'pop up wedding chapel' at designated times. In a legal environment when you can buy a wedding license and get married immediately having a walk-in service makes some sense.  In Australia, where couples have to give a minimum of a full calendar month's notice, and where the person to whom you give notice is the one who marries you it doesn't make much sense, until you think about the motivation of the original hotel - maximise profit!

Pop-up wedding chapels abound in the US. They are a regular feature in bridal fairs and other retail events.The Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon annually includes a Run-Thru Pop Up Wedding Chapel along the route.  To celebrate the legalisation of same sex marriage in New York, two side by side Pop-Up Wedding Chapels were erected in Central Park for a one-day event (the two designs, one of cardboard, the other of ribbon, were winners in a design competition requiring that the chapels had an 8ft x 8ft footprint and had to be a temporary structure that could be erected in less than 2 hours),

Popup weddings (the word chapel has been lost in the translation) have hit Australia. We're hearing about them in the press, and more and more entities are advertising them. Not all wedding packages advertised as popup wedding actually are. Generally speaking, a popup wedding is a fairly minimal ceremony with a celebrant chosen by the organiser the content of which is largely controlled by the organisers, held in a specified non-traditional space chosen by the organiser, on a specific day chosen by the organiser. The actual ceremony takes a very short time,  certificate signing included, to allow time in the tightly controlled time allotted to the wedding, to allow time for photographs by a photographer chosen by the organiser and celebration. There may be  pre-determined catering (if any), and the whole thing is focused on through-put and publicity for the organisers and vendors rather than a personal heartfelt experience for the couple.

But many wedding packages advertised as popup wedding should more accurately be described as all-inclusive weddings. Similar dealt o a pop-up wedding but with more expensive inclusions, and a venue that is likely to be a known wedding venue where both ceremony and reception is held.

You can have just as much (or so much more), for less money, on a day of your choice at a time and place of your choice, using vendors you choose.

Instead of paying up to several thousand dollars (price varies depending on location/date) for under $900 you can have so much more.  Here's how that works.
  • Your choice of date - 24/7/365      FREE
  • Your choice of venue - Brisbane has thousands of places you can get married in a small wedding for FREE
    • Parks, with gorgeous backdrops of foliage, cityscapes, riverscapes and water views
    • Cafes, Restaurants, Bars - sit down round a table, order a coffee and go for it
    • Retail establishments and business premises (with prior permission)
    • Hotel room/suite (obviously you'll have to pay to stay overnight, but you can have the wedding for no extra charge)
    • Your own backyard, deck, etc
    • and the list goes on .....
  • Me as your celebrant $425 Monday to Thursday, $475 Friday to Sunday for a personal ceremony that includes personal and meaningful content with your choice of style, own vows etc
  • Everything else your choice - nothing predetermined as part of a package with limited choice
    • A photographer (many Brisbane wedding photographers offer a 1 hour shoot with images on CD for around $400 - I can give you some recommendations)
    • Self-purchased bottle of Moët or other good French bubbles (as opposed to a couple of glasses of generic sparkling)  $70 - $100
    • Self-purchased cake  - $40 for a single layer mudcake, a bit more if you want a simple wedding cake
    • Your choice of refreshments for your guests - as simple as you like
    • Your choice of flowers - I've had brides make their own lovely hand-tied rose bouquet using supermarket flowers and ribbon for under $25!
  • Flexibility - to be a tad late, change venue or date if necessary, have as many guests as you wish, and stay celebrating after the ceremony for as long as you like - PRICELESS
Making the arrangements
To book your ceremony for your DIY personal pop upwedding with me you will need to contact me to ensure I am available on your chosen day, complete my booking form and pay my fee. A range of payment options, including a payment plan, are available.

Make sure you check out the legal requirements as you must comply with the notice period and the requirement to show your celebrant official documents proving your identity, date of birth and that you are free to marry.

I thought that the whole ceremony was beautiful, and that you took care of everything so well, right from the first time I contacted you.  It was the little extras that I never expected that I will always the remember, the gift bag you gave us during the ceremony and the email you sent me to let me know what time that sun would be setting that day.  You truly made the ceremony one thing that I didn’t have to worry about. I also think that after a wedding you sit back and really look at where you spent and was it worth it. I’m sure most couples do this as everyone’s looking for value for money these day and I really do think I got more than my money’s worth with the lovely ceremony that you performed.- Kristin and Turama chose a Warm and Wonderful Weekday Wedding at Wynnum Golf Club with 40 guests

Jennifer, Thank you so much for performing our ceremony. It surpassed our wishes. You created a perfect atmosphere and conducted a ceremony that conveyed our relationship and who we are perfectly. We loved it! The ceremony was even better than I imagined, relaxed, fun, intimate. I was also delighted with your view on equality with the words and actions during the ceremony. I hadn't thought of this prior to arranging our ceremony but this was perfect to suit our relationship. - Aoife & Nat who held their Warm and Wonderful Weekday Wedding in the rainforest at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha

Jenn did her best to make sure everything went smoothly on the day and had the knowledge to make sure all the legal aspects were correct and covered. We both enjoyed our ceremony very much and it had a nice personal feel and a few personal touches as well. I feel I could say it would sure beat a Registry Office Ceremony. We wanted a ceremony with the minimum amount of fuss and nothing over the top so it was good to have so many wedding style 'choices'. The custom vows were also very nice, very happy with everything. Perfect. Thank you. - Cam and Chris who married at Lake Samsonvale with 3 swans in the background and their 2 children involved in the ceremony. Chris looked fabulous in a navy polkadot 50s style dress with touches of red.

Jennet and I would like to thank you for your superb wedding ceremony. Everybody at the wedding commented what a delightful, simple but fun filled ceremony you conducted. I am glad we chose you and would not hesitate to recommend your services to any couples that are contemplating marriage Once again thank you very much for your kind and meaningful words for our special occasion. - Bill and Jennet who married at Scarborough Beach Park