Pros and Cons of Getting Married on a Weekday

A growing trend over the past few years has been the weekday wedding. While the concept of midweek weddings always has been a part of European tradition, this is an emerging recent trend in Australia. The driver behind the trend seems to be financial. Weekday weddings are generally less expensive. But there are other pluses, as well as some minuses.

More affordable: This is the major plus. Most venues either offer a discounted per head charge, or a lower minimum spend, so it is easier to have an intimate wedding with a smaller number of guests, a saving in itself as you need fewer invitations, few favours, fewer chair covers, fewer centrepieces. And you are less like to have to pay a premium to secure a limo and other related services. And you are less likely to be competing with family barbeques or kids birthday parties if you choose to marry in a local park (for free!) 

More choice: Stating the obvious there are only 52 Saturdays and 52 Sundays a year and give or take 250 weekdays (not counting public holidays which are likely to attract additional costs). If you aren't planning a couple of years ahead, or you have your heart set on a particular venue, a weekday wedding might be the only option for you.

Less work: Trying to find a venue, photographer, celebrant, and so on for a Saturday afternoon wedding can be hard work even if you let your fingers do the walking, as good ones tend to book up early. For a weekday you are more likely to be able to book your first choice.

You can have a three-day wedding: – Choosing to hold your wedding on a Friday or a Monday allows you to party for longer. Marry on Friday and enjoy the weekend with your friends, or build the excitement for a Monday wedding by holding some pre-wedding events. Either could be really good for friends and family who have travelled to your wedding.

Guests' work/school commitments: Attending a wedding can be expensive at the best of time - new clothes, gifts, and possibly travel and accommodation expenses. Some may not be able to take time off, or may not be able to afford to use up annual leave.

Part-timer wedding service providers not available: With wedding work a side-line occupation for many celebrants, photographers, and wedding stylists, it might take you a little while to eliminate those not available because of other full-time occupations.

Weekday traffic: Traffic is heavier on weekdays, particularly at peak hours, and getting to your wedding venue could be a frustrating and time-consuming experience with the risk of running late or one or more of your wedding suppliers arriving very late or not at all. These problems are minimised on weekends (except when there are major sporting fixtures and festivals). But if you choose to hold your ceremony well after the morning rush hour ends and before the afternoon rush hour starts the problems go away.

We haven't stopped telling people here in Sydney about our beautiful ceremony, hopefully you'll get some business from this also.  Once again thanks for everything, it was everything we wanted and just perfect. - Tracy and Jim who married on a Tuesday (with some help from their almost-5 year old son) in a Warm and Wonderful Weekday Wedding at the Glen Hotel.

It was all very relaxed and although we had never actually met before you made us all feel very at ease. it was fun but with the serious element where necessary. You did a brilliant job. You gave an extremely personal service, tried very hard - and succeeded - to find us the right tree! Dealing with paperwork was clear and given the proper amount of solemnity. Thanks again for helping to make it such a lovely memory for us.
- Pam and Ken who came from the Orkney Islands of the north coast of Scotland with the request that they be married under the largest tree possible. A fig tree was the logical choice.