Unstructured Wedding Ceremonies

here is nothing in the Marriage Act that requires that your wedding has to be a stand-up, structured, formal affair.

For those who would prefer a much more relaxed and informal ceremony, I offer an unstructured ceremony conducted round a table at home, a picnic table in a park, or in your favourite cafè, restaurant, pub, or bar, over coffee, high tea, a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) or a glass of your favourite tipple, or just in a very relaxed manner sitting doing nothing in particular. NB I don't expect to join in the meal - my focus is on you!.

The Marriage Act does not lay down any rules about the type of form of ceremony, so you can be confident that this type of wedding is legal. It will include the minimal words the two of you must say in order to create your marriage (I ask everyone here to witness that I, [your name], take you, [your best beloved's name], to be my lawful wedded wife/husband) and the passage from the Marriage Act that I, as your celebrant, must recite. The rest is whatever you decide - anything from a free-flowing conversation, spontaneous promises and 'let's see how it goes on the day', to formal promises you write yourselves (with my help) combined with conversation, or, indeed, whatever you feel is the best way to express your love and commitment. And at the end of the day you'll be just as married as you would be after a traditional big white wedding, but with far less stress.

Making the arrangements
To book your Unstructured Wedding with me you will need to contact me to ensure I am available on your chosen day, complete my booking form and pay my fee. A range of payment options, including credit card through Paypal, is available.

Make sure you check out the legal requirements as you must comply with the notice period and the requirement to show your celebrant official documents proving your identity, date of birth and that you are free to marry.

You made us feel at ease and understood exact what sort of ceremony we wanted and worked out a ceremony based upon our wishes and the legal aspect of the night. Honestly I can't fault any aspect of the service you provided. - Sharyn and Grant who married in an ultra-casual family occasion full of love and back-chatting.

Special thanks to Jennifer Cram today for making our day incredibly sweet & simple! Everyone loved it and our friends told us it was the best ceremony they've been to yet! Thank you soo much for making this a wonderful day, Jenny! We especially love the lovely special surprise u've prepared for us. Dan & I are really glad we had you as our celebrant. Thank u!! -
Elise and Dan who married at Rocks Riverside Park